CRTC has trained over 50,000 staff throughout Australia. We currently service hundreds of various businesses in numerous different Industries such as:  

  • Local Government (City Councils)
  • Employment sector (Job Active)
  • Welfare Sector
  • Medical services
  • Construction Industry
  • Hospitality and Gaming Industry.
  • Services Australia (the old Centrelink) 15 years

Federal Government Departments are precluded from endorsing any Corporate Company.


A few years ago when Services Australia was known as Centrelink, CRTC was one of many Training providers around the country asked by Centrelink to participate in a pilot program to establish which provider had the most suitable training program to meet their needs of dealing with difficult and aggressive customer behaviour.

At the completion of the evaluated Pilot program CRTC was selected as the most suitable provider. However procurement legislation prevented CRTC being awarded the training contract. A National tender process followed.

CRTC was awarded the Tender contract and is currently the preferred provider for training dealing with Customer aggression until 3rd July, 2022.  

Rather than supply outdated endorsements please contact CRTC and current referees will be supplied.