Message from Eddie Kardas

“I have had a passion for learning as much as I can about Negotiating de-escalation in difficult and aggressive situations for over 35 years.   I have learnt from many courses I have attended as a participant.   I have learnt a lot from being in those situations myself as serving member of the Victoria police.   I have also learnt a lot from staff I have coached and trained over 21 years.

In some of that learning I know about the left and right side function of the brain.  I have been taught about the four personality types.  I have done courses that advocate a seven step method.   I have found none of that information helped me in the heat of battle when dealing with a very angry person.”

CRTC training is practical and designed to maximise transfer of learning back into the workplace.   If you want to remember things for life the teaching should incorporate aspects of : Seeing Hearing Doing and Reviewing.

Courses Offered

Level 1- Manage Conflict Through Negotiation

This course has a strong Customer Service focus, concentrating on Prevention and De-Escalation techniques.

Dealing with Customer behaviour such as -:

  • Emotional
  • Frustrated
  • Upset
  • Distressed

Level 2 – Advanced Aggression Management

Work Health Safety is now the focus.

This advanced course looks at safely managing Customer behaviour that can become -:

  • Abusive
  • Aggressive
  • Threatening
  • Violent

Refresher Training

Refresher training is offered and depending on the level of training previously experienced CRTC customises to not only refresh but increase the level of training.

In our classroom session experiential learning (Role Play) is offered and highly recommended but not compulsory.

No role play with the instructor in front of the class. This can be embarrassing and unrealistic. CRTC experiential learning is done one on one, not in front of the class. We use professional Method Actors and with your permission we videotape. This vision can be used for further individual learning purposes.

To enhance success in Managing or de-escalating a difficult situation your strategy must be simple.  Simple under pressure has a much better chance of working.

Complicated strategies in the heat of battle have a very low chance of working.   We do not advocate 5 step this – 7 –step that.

CRTC courses use simple strategies designed to -:

  • Increase knowledge
  • Improve technique and skill
  • Build confidence.

The new age of Industry Managing Covid 19 has additional challenges.

For additional information regarding elements of competency on Level 1 & Level 2 courses contact CRTC.

Eddie Kardas

eddie kardas - Courses

Eddie has been described as a passionate presenter full of great practical suggestions to improve negotiating de-escalation.

Eddie was a serving member of the Victoria Police for 16 years.


  • State Hostage Negotiator Course
  • National Anti-terrorist Negotiation Course
  • Qualified at Quantico, FBI Hostage Negotiation Course
  • Instructor – Victoria Police – Operational Safety and Tactics
  • Certificate IV Training & Assessing

Eddie has been corporately engaged as a professional facilitator since 1999.