Conflict Resolution Training & Consulting

Established 1999.

We are a specialist training provider supplying Industry leading courses in Conflict resolution and Advanced aggression management.

CRTC provides assistance to various Industries on a National basis.

We are considered experts in minimising harm caused by difficult customers and the small percentage of customers who can become aggressive and violent.

CRTC believes most difficult situations can be de-escalated if handled properly, but some situations can escalate quickly. Drugs; Alcohol and some mental health conditions can contribute to potentially dangerous customer contact.


Have you ever seen or experienced any of these situations.

  1. You are listening to a customer vent their complaint or issue. You immediately identify the problem. As you start explaining the relevant Policy; Procedure or Legislation the customer interrupts and says “No you don’t understand”, then starts repeating the whole story all over again.
  2. A very upset customer starts getting loud and maybe swearing starts. This behaviour is upsetting other customers. You say “Do you mind, your swearing, we’ve got other people here!” What do you think the most common response of the angry customer is?
  3. An angry customer’s behaviour is so outrageous that they have been asked to leave the premises. They become stubborn and behaviour becomes even more outrageous. You say “If you don’t go now I am going to call the police!” What do you think is the most common reaction of the aggressor?

CRTC’s training courses concentrate on Practical Application of

Negotiating De-escalation.

We cover Face to Face and Telephone negotiating.

OHS/WHS consideration for Business.

Where a known or reasonably foreseeable hazard has been identified; Training and Procedures shall be adopted.