Company History


Eddie Kardas was an officer with the Victorian Police Force working in a specialist area called the Protective Security Group (PSG). Eddie became qualified to perform duties including Witness Protection, VIP Close Personal Protection and Hostage negotiating.

It was the area of Hostage Negotiation that captivated Eddie and the art of Negotiating de-escalation became his life long passion.

After completing the Victorian State Hostage Negotiation course Eddie was selected as the outstanding Graduate and a few weeks later was sent to Perth to participate in the National Anti-terrorist Negotiator’s course.

In 1993 Eddie Kardas was widowed and his children; 3 boys were aged three; eight and ten years old. His position in the specialist Unit called the (PSG) now became impossible, as raising young children was his priority.

In 1997 Eddie wanted to reactivate his career particularly in the area of Hostage Negotiation. After two years of applying Eddie was accepted to attend Quantico the FBI’s famous training Academy in Washington.

A few years earlier a NSW Inspector had attended to view the training.Eddie was the first Police officer to attend and participate and successfully pass the FBI Hostage negotiators course.

Corporate History

In 1998 and still in the Victorian Police force Eddie was approached by an Executive of Melbourne’s Crown Casino and was asked to create a training course in De-escalating angry patrons. This training became so successful that a part time teaching position became a full time obsession.

1999 Eddie leaves the Victoria police and starts his company CRTS – Conflict Resolution Training Services. Not long after Eddie submits his course Negotiation and Crisis Intervention containing two Units to be assessed for National Accreditation.

Unit 1 – Manage conflict through Negotiation was accredited and linked to another existing Unit of Competency.

Unit 2 – Manage Aggressive situations could not be mapped or compared to any other existing Unit of Competency in Australia.  Unit 2 of the Negotiation and Crisis intervention course was given National Accreditation in its own right.

Around 2010 Eddie decided to Stop conducting his courses as  “Nationally Accredited” and discontinued his Registered Training Organisation.   He found the running of the RTO incredibly time consuming and expensive.  This expense had to be passed on to his clients.   Also when delivering National Accredited training courses the ability to customise for diverse client needs was impossible.

CRTS became Conflict Resolution Training & Consulting, CRTC and a new era of Customisation began.

We now deliver customised training course to a wide range of Industries.   If your business deals with the public your staff will benefit from our enjoyable practical training.

We travel nationally to assist our clients with Industry leading training helping staff minimise harm arising from difficult through to aggressive customer behaviour.

CRTC is a specialist training company only delivering Conflict resolution and Aggression management training.  We concentrate on customising for every client to make training relevant, practical and enjoyable for staff.