Conflict Management Courses

Causes of Conflict in the Workplace and How Conflict Management Training Can Help

It is quite normal for the workplace to have some conflict because people have unique personalities, values and ways of doing things. However, unless you want your supervisors and higher management to spend the majority of their time playing referee, it is important to invest in conflict management courses. Recognising the different causes of conflict can help in managing any problems that arise.

Different Perspectives and Incompatible Personalities

Everyone has their own beliefs but some are unwilling to negotiate; this can lead to conflict with others. It takes someone with conflict management training to help co-workers be more tolerant of opposing views as well as recognise alternate solutions to problems.

Of course, personalities of employees can clash too. One aspect of conflict management courses includes acknowledging the different personalities and find ways bridge the misconceptions that one employee might have about another. Sometimes, it requires a third party to point out that each person is unique and their approach to a workplace problem does not have to be the same as another. Recognising differences is an important part in establishing respect.

Communication Problems and Lack of Team Focus

Inadequate communication plays a role in workplace conflict. Actions and decisions can be misconstrued and blown out of proportion. Conflict management training can help combat this problem and aid in re-opening positive channels of communication.

Lack of team focus is yet another conflict starter. When employees focus solely on their own objectives without giving proper thought as to how it affects their co-workers and goals of the company, this can lead to resentment and strife. While it is good to try and climb the corporate ladder, it is important to work as a team when necessary.

Conflict management courses also can aid employees, supervisors and managers in recognising when workplace problems are caused by outside factors. No one has an idyllic life so it is to be expected that, at times, an employee will bring marital or other problems with them to work. Conflict management can help someone gain perspective and find ways to smooth things over.

Managed in the wrong way, conflict in the workplace can swiftly get out of control. However, with conflict management training and courses, issues can quickly be resolved in a respectful manner. CRTC can assist your company in creating conflict management courses that specifically address your unique concerns.