Conflict Management with CRTC

Conflict management is all around us, and possessing the skills needed to effectively tackle conflict in the workplace can be extremely useful in combating workplace friction. Many work hours are lost, and productivity suffers, when workers are focused more on a division within the ranks than the task at hand.

In the interest of spreading good practice with regards to conflict resolution, CRTC has seen fit to offer a series of conflict resolution courses for the workplace, in the hopes that our teachings can offer some help in combating this enemy of a pleasant work environment.

Our conflict management courses offer more than just teaching. They offer hands-on exposure to several dictums behind resolving conflict, including:

  • Strategies designed to prevent confronting situations
  • Assessments of threat levels
  • Intervention methods, including those performed by a third party
  • The ideal methods of termination of a stressful interview
  • The ability to recognize mental disability or drug and alcohol abuse
  • Proper response methods to duress

Administered by experienced professionals, at CRTC, we have designed courses allowing you and your staff to gain the proper methodology to overcome any issues which could arise in the workplace, from interpersonal issues, to communication breakdowns, to irate customers. With over fifteen years in the field, we can help you to improve both your interpersonal relations and your business.

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