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Conflict Resolution Training & Consulting

Since 1999, CRTC has been delivering customised conflict resolution training courses to a wide array of industries. We know how it's done best!

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Conflict Resolution and Advanced Aggression Management Courses

CRTC delivers customised training to a variety of Industries all over Australia. Any request for references will be immediately supplied. Our unique training package “Negotiation & Crisis Intervention” has been extensively delivered Nationally for the past fourteen years. Our service now incorporates consulting to help Industries develop processes and procedures to manage difficult through to aggressive clients and customers.

Eddie Kardas

Eddie Kardas is the founding principal of Conflict Resolution Training and Consulting, and the originator of the course of instruction in “Negotiation & Crisis Intervention.” As a course designer, Mr Kardas places heavy emphasis on quality delivery, customising every course to suit the individual needs of the participants.

The combination of theory and practical work experience of Mr Kardas make him an ideal course designer in Conflict Resolution. Eddie spent 15 years with the Victoria Police Force, including 5 years street work in the Western suburbs of Melbourne. Since 1998 Eddie has been dedicated to designing and customising programs for industry.

Eddie Kardas is more than just a facilitator, delivering a Conflict Resolution lesson plan. CRTC facilitators conduct coaching sessions where we aim to build confidence and improve the skill of all participants. His unique delivery style reflects his passion and “hand’s on” experience in the area of minimising conflict and managing aggressive situations.

10 Years of Specialist work with the Victorian Police Force include:

• VIP Bodyguard
• Witness Protection Program
• Hostage Negotiation Team
• Victoria Police trainer in operational safety and tactics delivering training to operational members
• Helping to identify and evaluate potential trainers in this area
• Assisting in the training of other Hostage Negotiation candidates

Conflict Resolution Qualifications

• State Hostage Negotiator
• National Hostage Negotiator
• International FBI Crisis Management
• Instructor in Police operational survival