Aggression management

Communication, in any workplace, is absolutely vital, not only for efficiency, but to promote a harmonious working environment. Managing the methods by which your workforce does so can be difficult, as these methods must bridge numerous gaps in communication styles in todays varied and diverse workforces, and being able to recognise and defuse situations which […]

Master Mediators: Belinda Neil

Belinda Neil grew up with the notion of joining the New South Wales police force at the forefront of her plans. This goal was eventually fulfilled in 1987. Over the next 18 years, she was a devoted member of a tactical response team charged with the task of negotiating with criminals putting the lives of […]

Tips to help you Deal with Difficult Customers

Dealing with difficult customers is a daily reality for many of those working in a customer service industry. It can be a frustrating, unproductive and uncomfortable experience. At times, situations may even escalate to a point where the safety of staff members is compromised. As the conflict management and crisis intervention specialists, CRTC can train […]

One way to deal with it!

When a Customer Left a Nasty Note on a Business Owner’s Page, He Probably Wasn’t Expecting a Viral Response –

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Why use CRTC as your training provider? Since inception we’ve trained over 40,000 participants to deal with difficult through to aggressive customers with remarkably high feedback Quality Aggression Management and Conflict Resolution Training Conflict Resolution Training & Consulting (CRTC) offers a range of quality training packages that cover everything from conflict resolution services to crisis […]