Stemming Aggression in Australia’s Workplaces

Switch on the news on any given night and you are sure to hear and see acts of violence and personal abuse. Newsworthy examples though, are just the tip of the iceberg and the vast bulk of incidents go unreported and largely unnoticed. They are still, however, harmful at both a personal and commercial level, affecting those involved physically and emotionally and creating a financial burden and potential loss of reputation for the businesses involved.

Stemming Aggression in Australia’s Workplaces

Many of these occur in the workplace, where stress and/or personal problems can quickly surface, overwhelming some and leading to customer aggression.

The best method to combat such aggression is prevention. Prevention, in this case, stems from education and training. Knowing how to pick up on warning signals and prevent potentially harmful situations from escalating should be paramount for any business concerned with the safety and wellbeing of their staff and clients.

Unfortunately, preventative methods don’t always apply and can’t always work. Staff, particularly those working at businesses with a high risk of robbery, should also be trained to handle dangerous situations. Few people have the knowledge and understanding to eliminate such threats and only extensive training can truly prepare a workforce adequately.

Conflict Resolution Training & Consulting (CRTC) is dedicated to teaching your staff effective methods to neutralise aggression, regardless of the situation, and help make Australia’s work spaces that much safer.

Dealing with difficult customers is just that; difficult. If not handled correctly, aggressive situations can quickly escalate. Learning to prevent the onset of aggression, calm aggressive customers and diffuse further risk are all integral components of our conflict management training.

Other people may be more dangerous than difficult and pose a serious risk to staff and civilians. Learning how to handle volatile situations requires more intensive training and such courses are also specialties of CRTC. For some businesses, this education is a prerequisite for all employees, while for others, it remains valuable and potentially life saving.

Just as the levels of aggression and risk vary significantly from situation to situation, so too does the CRTC training options. Our range of programs cover an extensive variety of techniques, from crisis intervention to conflict management courses, armed intruder response training to a hostage negotiation course.

What remains consistent is an emphasis on proven, practical techniques taught by the vastly experienced staff at Conflict Resolution Training & Consulting. Safety in the workplace is our priority and it should be yours too.

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