Rules to Resolution

For good or ill, conflict is an inherent and unavoidable characteristic of human society. While we may not be able escape conflict, we can take it upon ourselves to undertake training in conflict resolution. In doing so, we learn how to better understand our family, friends, colleagues and customers and improve our relationships. CRTC specialise in conflict resolution services at all levels, from dealing with difficult customers training to armed intruder response courses.

Many situations require extensive training if they are to be successfully resolved, but we can offer a few simple rules that, if followed, will help in the minor disputes that we are all involved in at times:

Admit your mistakes

Acknowledging that you are wrong and apologising is an obvious but often overlooked conflict resolution strategy. If you or the organization you represent is at fault don’t be afraid to swallow your pride and take the first step to putting things right. If you apologise without qualification and with sincerity you are a long way toward conflict resolution already.

Accept apologies

The flipside to the above is also an important aspect of training in conflict resolution. Accepting an apology with grace and without an air of superiority will help both parties move on sooner.

 Everyone’s feelings are valid

We are all individuals and get upset by many different things. What might not be a big deal to you may be of great importance to someone else and vice-versa. Even if an individual’s actions seem irrational, we should always attempt to understand what they are feeling and why.

 Don’t get personal

Often the things we say that enflame a situation the most are of a personal nature. Conflict invariably escalates if attacks on a person’s physical appearance or character are made. Remember that a conflict is about an issue and focus on resolving that.


One of the most effective ways to achieve conflict resolution is a willingness to negotiate. This shows that you want to find a solution rather than simply assert your dominance. If both parties are flexible, neither has to lose face and, more importantly, you can reach an agreeable settlement.

Human interaction is often fraught with difficulties, but abiding by a few rules helps us to better navigate strained relationships or potentially volatile situations. At CRTC, we offer the most comprehensive and effective conflict resolution services in Australia, but even the simple suggestions above ensure happier more productive societies.

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