Managing Difficult Customers Training

It’s inevitable in today’s world that within service roles, we will all eventually have to face an irate customer. Coping with unhappy people or those will a mental issue is elemental to customer service, something that simply, on occasion, comes with the job. Skills to handle such situations are highly sought-after, especially for those involved in certain areas of the working world where training for managing difficult customers is often required.

At CRTC, we offer Australia’s finest training in conflict resolution and managing difficult customers. Our trainee-focused syllabus uses hands-on methodology to ingrain the right habits for facing high-tension situations. These include:

  • Strategies for prevention
  • Threat assessments
  • Methods of intervention, including third party intervention
  • Proper methods of termination
  • Recognising mental health or drug and alcohol issues
  • Responding to duress

Our professional instructors have considerable experience within our field, and our courses are meant to confront our trainees with the unexpected nature of such behaviour. We bring our finest methods to bear to you, our students, and we guarantee satisfaction.

After passing the course with CRTC, the trainee will be able to utilise their new knowledge and pass it along to their co-workers. Such is the nature of the teaching, that it can easily be passed along to others within their firm, ensuring the lessons are lasting ones.

With over fifteen years in the business of managing conflict resolutions, CRTC can help you and your business operate more effectively.

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