Are you a Human Resource or Learning & Development Manager? If so you should probably read on…

The task of identifying staff’s personal development needs can at times be arduous. Some comments frequently received by Human Resource and Learning & Development Managers from staff include:

  • “Training delivered by the provider was not relevant to our jobs.”
  • “It was boring. I fell asleep. I hated it.”
  • “I could of been getting my work done instead of wasting my time at this course.”
  • “Training delivered by the provider was not relevant to our jobs.”
  • “I will never use the things taught at this course.”
  • “I knew more about the topic than the trainer.”

These things are never said after a CRTC training day.

The types of responses HR / L&D staff hear post course include:

“Finally a course that makes sense”

“Best course in Conflict Resolution i have ever attended”

“Everyone in the company should do this course”

“Never once got bored”

“I haven’t had so much fun learning so much”

“Thanks for sending me to this training. I loved it.”


Choosing your provider:

When choosing your provider for staff training consider this check list to make sure you are comparing – “Apples with Apples.”

  • Does the provider specialise in conflict resolution? Or is Conflict Resolution just one of the many courses they provide?
  • Has the provider passed the test of time? – CRTC has over 13 years experience.
  • Is experiential learning incorporated into training? Along with numerous visual examples (DVD) of good and bad examples.
  • Do the facilitators have credibility and actual experience in managing conflict?
  • Does the company or facilitator accurately customized the training?- Or is the training a stereotypical lesson plan on Conflict Resolution.
  • Will your staff respect the facilitators experience?
  • Are certificates of attainment issued at the successful completion of training?
  • Can the provider service nationally in order to keep continuity within your industry?
  • Does the company provide 2 levels of training – Basic / Advanced?

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