Master Mediators

What makes a good mediator? Numerous qualities must be shown to earn such a title. There are reasons why good hostage negotiators are worth their weight in gold. Their form of conflict resolution work takes place under extreme duress, in situations involving great emotional upheaval, and occurs in the glare of considerable exposure. They are […]

Conflict Resolution Within the Workplace

While it is widely recognised that good conflict resolution skills are essential in industries that involve staff frequently dealing with difficult customers, the wider application of these skills is sometimes neglected. Conflict management is also particularly useful when used internally. Disagreements, divergent ideas and disharmony are inevitable in every workplace, but applying some conflict resolution […]

Rules to Resolution

For good or ill, conflict is an inherent and unavoidable characteristic of human society. While we may not be able escape conflict, we can take it upon ourselves to undertake training in conflict resolution. In doing so, we learn how to better understand our family, friends, colleagues and customers and improve our relationships. CRTC specialise […]

What Business can learn from Hostage Negotiation

When people think about what a hostage negotiation course entails they generally think that it is so highly specialised, that the skills have no application elsewhere. The first part of the assumption is largely true; a hostage negotiation course needs to be extremely focused and comprehensive. But, contrary to what many people might think, the […]

Stemming Aggression in Australia’s Workplaces

Switch on the news on any given night and you are sure to hear and see acts of violence and personal abuse. Newsworthy examples though, are just the tip of the iceberg and the vast bulk of incidents go unreported and largely unnoticed. They are still, however, harmful at both a personal and commercial level, […]

Merry Christmas from CRTC

We are wishing all are valuable clients and their families a safe and happy Christmas. CRTC will be back taking enquiries next year. Thanks

One way to deal with it!

When a Customer Left a Nasty Note on a Business Owner’s Page, He Probably Wasn’t Expecting a Viral Response –

How to identify whether your company needs training

To identify whether your company needs training on Conflict Resolution or not there are some key questions that you must ask – – Does your business often deal with disgruntled customers? – Has your business experienced an incident where conflict has escalated? – Do you have a current strategy in place to handle aggressive customers? […]

We’re Connecting with our Clients

CRTC has launched it’s Social Media campaign to make sure we stay in touch with our valuable clients. This will include key dates that we are in each state and training availabilities for each Month. If your business has never taken one of our Conflict Resolution Training courses then please call us Here You can […]