Aggression management

Communication, in any workplace, is absolutely vital, not only for efficiency, but to promote a harmonious working environment. Managing the methods by which your workforce does so can be difficult, as these methods must bridge numerous gaps in communication styles in todays varied and diverse workforces, and being able to recognise and defuse situations which involve aggressive behaviour is highly valued by businesses.

Aggressive behaviour between employees is, quite simply, bad for business. Using the threat of violence to interact distracts from the discussion, and promotes a notion of might-makes-right. This is why aggression management courses are intended not only for members of society with a history of violence, they are recommended to anyone in a position to relay and communicate ideas and notions between shareholders, as their tenets are applicable to everyone.

And this is not just limited to in-your-face domineering behaviour. Passive-aggressive behaviour, the art of showing one face to a co-worker while demonising them to management, can destroy the implicit trust which lies behind any firm. This behaviour must be taken care of, and often, it is the fear of aggressive reactions which keeps people from confronting issues such as these.

To curb aggressive behaviour and passive-aggressive behaviour requires a push-back: as with any bullying, the bully is looking for an easy target, one who will not react. At CRTC, we can offer advice on the best methods of confronting this aggressive form of domination without escalation, using proper language and communication skills. Over years of experience in the field, we have developed methods promoting level-headed discussion between people, teaching them to communicate without the threat of real or implied violence. This leads to a happier and more open workplace, one free of the negativity involved in aggressive behaviour run amok.

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